What is the worth of a father, brother, husband, son?

WAS Robert McCartney’s life worth less than £26 million? If you think the right to life is worth something more, you may wish to attend a vigil in his memory tomorrow evening.McCartney’s sister told the Belfast Telegraph:

Revealing the family circle has been left devastated by the killing of the 33-year-old father of two, Paula told the Belfast Telegraph: “We are gutted by what has happened.

“We, as a family, want to dispel the rumours his death was part of a knife culture or that it was a pub brawl.

“Robert was an innocent bystander. He was a peacemaker who would have tried to diffuse a row and we’ve heard that when it happened, Robert had his hands in the air.”

Speaking from her Albertbridge Road home, she said: “It’s very important the people who did this are caught or another family could lose out very quickly. They need to be taken off the streets.”

She said she didn’t want to comment on reports that republicans were linked to the murder. She said it was common knowledge who was involved.

Tomorrow’s vigil is at the shop fronts on Mountpottinger Road at 5.45pm.