In the back of a car with Gerry…

MARK Devenport caught up with Gerry Adams at Chequers last week for Inside Politics. In his gloomy outlook written afterwards, he detects significant drift in the process, as the Governments scramble about for a Plan B.Adams’ answer on Inside Politics to who knew what and when regarding the Northern heist and on who was responsible is interesting, for those who like to dissect these things. Evasive?

He also dismissed the Taoiseach’s accusation that Sinn Fein could turn IRA violence on and off, depending on the state of political play. Others have already disagreed, and the Irish Justice Minister has long held the view that Sinn Fein has influence over ‘internal housekeeping’ matters and so-called ‘punishment’ attacks, such as these recent ones.

Adams suggests that politics can still advance on other agendas, and doesn’t rule out an Assembly without an Executive, which fits in with the possibility of a scrutiny function for MLAs.