Civil rights and the community

An interesting article from the States regarding parades and civil rights.Ed Quillen of the Denver Post argues that “The First Amendment to the federal Constitution protects the right to free speech. It does not say anything about content. It says, “Congress shall make no law,” not “Congress shall enjoy the power to prohibit hate speech, ban material deemed harmful to minors, suppress utterances that hurt people’s feelings … and this power may be delegated to college professors who can determine the allowable range of public expression.”

We have the right to march in parades to celebrate Martin Luther King or Nathan Bedford Forrest, to honor Sitting Bull or George Armstrong Custer, and we have the right to stand on the sidelines and heckle the paraders. The Denver Police were protecting those rights when they arrested those who were blocking the parade.”

Whilst in Scotland Sir John Orr has released his report on parades – which is seen as part of the Scottish Parliament`s clampdown on the large number of Orange parades in the west of Scotland. Several recent and upcoming Republican marches will also be effected. There is also the worry that these new regulations may stiffle democracy and protest from all sections of the community.