Slap in the Face

The ultimate slap in the face. To add insult to injury, the American company Teleflex Medical expect 250 workers being laid off in Lurgan to train the people taking their jobs.As SF MLA John O’Dowd points out :

“The 250 workers in RUSCHE are not being paid off because there is no market for the product but because the plant owners are moving these jobs to Mexico and Malaysia, where they can use low wages.

“The loyalty of RUCHES workers is of no value to the employers. These 250 jobs will be lost only because of the desire to maximise profits. The Lurgan workers have now been given 3 months notice. Yet it is difficult to see where will they find work in an area, which has already seen its manufacturing industry collapse. ENDS

Workers are rightly upset. I cannot see this doing race relations any favours in an area where there have already been problems.