McGrady suggests shift in SDLP policy…

SOUTH Down MP Eddie McGrady has said the SDLP should consider entering an Executive without Sinn Fein. While this may be unlikely to happen, it does indicate that some in the SDLP are losing confidence in Sinn Fein. Listen here. McGrady’s main opponent in the upcoming Westminster election, SF’s Caitriona Ruane, strongly criticised the statement.The BBC reported:

Mr McGrady said that nationalist voters had been betrayed by the IRA.

“If they want to exclude themselves by their extremism, there is very little you can do about it” he said.

He told BBC Radio Ulster’s Inside Politics programme on Saturday: “Inclusivity is now the buzz word, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stretch every parameter in every direction to include everybody.

“It means that you have a reasonable core set of behavioural conditions, and the people who want to subscribe to that in agreement do so and become members of the club.”

Ms Ruane said:

“Mr McGrady very clearly indicates that the SDLP are considering running with the DUP proposal for some sort of voluntary coalition excluding the majority of nationalist opinion,” she said.

“The very least Mark Durkan can do now is to clarify publicly whether or not this is now the SDLP position.”