Satirical scam email…

There follows a sense of humour test. It’s a satirical email we received here at Slugger Central this morning. It is not meant to be interpreted in any way as fact, or reflecting the truth (or otherwise) of recent events. But if you are likely to be easily offended, then look away from the screen now!Hello, my name is Bernie McGuinness, your name has been given to me by a reliable mutual acquaintance who has advised me that you may be able to be of assistance to me in a matter of business.

Our county has been occupied by a foreign power.

My husband Martin is a former education minister in the government of our country, he and his party collegues are being persecuted by the occupiers of our country for their political and religious beliefs.

My husband and his party collegues have accumulated party funds in the region of #26 million Stg which they wish to relocate outside of the country URGENTLY.

Please provide to me your personal banking details, account Nos, sort codes etc and I will arrange for the money to be placed in your account.

In return for this service we will give to you 20% of the overall funds.


Should you wish to discuss this proposal further I can be contacted C/o Frankie Ramseys, William Street, Derry – (I’m the one that pours the tae and butters the bread)

Bernie XXX