A little bit of history repeating…

DENIAL, lies, criminality and complicity – all integral part of the peace process, as far as Tom Luby is concerned. He asks if peace has come with too high a price tag, and questions whether the media or governments have the courage to try and confront the contradictions inherent in the neverending search for a settlement.In a stinging attack on the media, Luby writes:

Pressed into a corner those in the media responsible for refusing to challenge the lie would probably justify what they do by saying that they are only covering for Gerry Adams’s own lie to his supporters and followers, that if the truth was told he could not survive their anger and the peace process would probably die.

Perhaps, but that is not a decision for the media to make. They are observers not players and their job is just to tell the truth as best they can; and as they do their job they can console themselves with the thought that if the peace process cannot survive the truth then it will probably perish anyway.