‘No doubt’ about responsibility for bank heist

Courtesy of Newshound – Writing in The Village, Suzanne Breen, one of the more direct voices in our little pond of journalists, sets out what her sources, some named and some, understandably, unnamed, are telling her about the Northern Bank heist.. nice comment on ‘Imelda’, BTW.As Suzanne Breen points out, despite the fact that –

There is no doubt among IRA members on the ground that the paramilitary group was responsible for the heist. “Everybody here knows the IRA did it and this is not a set-up by the securocrats.”

Security sources admit they are not confident that the gang behind the Northern Bank robbery will be caught and convicted

Perhaps the most pertinent quote, regarding that ‘lack of confidence’ is attributed to a police source – “There is absolutely no chance of any of this team breaking under interrogation anyway. It will all come down to forensic evidence.” “It was not a case of raiding the homes of the usual suspects,” says a senior police source. “Warrants aren’t granted without reason. The political sensitivities are so huge these days.”

The lack of confidence, IMHO, is not simply reflective of the “forensic evidence” reference. It is more likely that the lack of confidence is due to the corrosive understanding that policing – the tackling of criminal activity in this society – still remains subject to “political sensitivities“.

*Cue yet more ‘outraged’ denials and claims of ‘securocrat’ conspiracies*