Big drop in ethnic intake for two schools…

DURING a Northern Ireland Grand Committee Debate at Westminster on ‘a multi-agency approach to tackling racially motivated attacks and harassment in Northern Ireland’, East Antrim MP Roy Beggs revealed that two primary schools in South Belfast had seen their minority ethnic intake virtually disappear. Both Fane Street and Donegal Road primary schools are in the heart of the area worst affected by racist attacks in NI over the last year.Mr Beggs said: “Donegal Road Primary and Fane Street Primary in Belfast have both recorded a fall in the numbers of children from ethnic minority backgrounds in the last year, from 10 to 1, and 12 to 1, respectively.

“The headmasters of both these schools confirm that in the vast majority of these cases the departure of the pupils was a direct result of their parents being racially harassed and intimidated out of the area.

“One parent, a Malaysian mother of four, who was conducting post-doctoral research at Ulster University, was intimidated and bullied by thugs at her home and on her way to school. As a result, the family packed up their bags and left.

“This is the sort of sickening behaviour and organised criminal activity that the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland are desperate for the Government to stamp out.”