Would you rather they had been tried here, Gerry?

As Sinn Féin try to resurrect the campaign to pressurise the media, and politicians, in regard to the 3 Sinn Féin activists currently MIA in (or out of) Colombia, these quotes from a Sinn Féin TD sprang to mind – “There is huge outrage and anger that once again we have seen people convicted.., not on any evidence, but on the word of a [police officer].. This case should never have gone before the.. Court in the first place.. This is an unsafe judgement which mirrored the worst excesses of the Diplock Court system in the Six Counties.“That was not a reaction to the Colombian courts verdict, but SF TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh, 22nd November 2004, on the conviction of SF member Niall Bennett by the Special Criminal Court in Dublin. He ended the statement by claiming – “The Special Criminal Court is entirely unacceptable and should be closed down.”

The Sinn Féin line on the Colombia verdict is “A political decision and a blatant miscarriage of justice”

So, before Bertie, Dermot or any other member of the Irish Government considers making another statement on this, or allows themselves to be led by the nose by such campaign, they should “step back and pause”, to borrow a phrase, and reflect on this.. there isn’t a justice system in the world that Sinn Féin actually endorses – not even the Irish one.