Ógra Shinn Féin – Béal Feirste go online

In a rather subdued way Ógra Shinn Féin — Béal Feirste (ÓSFBF) has gone online as of December 6th.
I can see no mention of this on the Sinn Féin website, but happened upon a letter from Jimmy Madden, in the current edition of An Phoblacht.A well designed site, easy to read and with an interesting manifesto for 2004. The suggestion that elections should be held at week-ends is sensible, however I’m not impressed with the idea that the state should provide third party insurance for young people. The reason their premiums are so high is because so many of them drive dangerously.

That aside the manifesto is well written and would, I suspect, be considered less difficult for Unionists than equivalent Sinn Féin documents in that it focuses on positive ways to change society rather than relying on criticism of the status quo and attacks on opponents. Augurs well for the future. Well done ÓSFBF. Added to my bookmarks.