Socks and ties, booze and sweets. Standard presents. This year I’ll be buying books as presents. While I appreciate that Amazon and the other big companies have revolutionised the purchase of books, I thought it might be useful to share some favourite sites and a useful tool for locating those hard to find books from the past.So three specific small companies, all Irish and all giving excellent service, and a Bookfinding site. One small point. Some US sites only ship within the USA and thus I have asked friends abroad to accept and forward. Even allowing for shipping costs, big savings can be made.
Excellent for tracking down copies of both old and new.

The following 3 sites are all tried and tested.

ReadIreland has an excellent service, sends out a newsletter and has some tempting offers.Most recent acquisition: The End of Irish Catholicism by D. Vincent Twomey, reduced from €15-00 to €6-00.

Books Ulster is a Bangor based company. Again excellent prices and great service.

Last but not least, and well worth a visit if ever in Galway, the excellent Kennys Book Shop and Art Galleries. Postage and Packing outside of the ROI is a little pricey.Carries a good selection of poetry in English and Irish.