Humbug !

It’s not often Ambrose agrees with the New York Times, but an avalanche of ghastly (and even more parochial than usual) advertisements on UTV recommending naff Shopping Centres and tacky catalogues full of over-priced crud to yokels has driven me close to the edge!
Jingle Bell Schlock
“If I hear “Frosty the Snowman” one more time, I’ll rip his frozen face off.”
With you all the way Maureen!”My equally demonic sister has a whole collection of rodents dressed in holiday clothes that she puts up around her house. There’s a mouse Santa Claus and mouse Mrs. Claus and mice elves and a miniature Christmas village with mice, and some rat Cinderella coachmen in pink waistcoats and rats in red velvet vests and more rats, wearing frilly red-and-white nightshirts and nightcaps and holding little candles, leading you up the steps to bed. It’s beyond creepy. I keep fretting that it’s going to be like “Willard” meets “The Nutcracker,” where they come alive and eat her like a Christmas pudding.”

Why fret ? She deserves it!