Derry leads the way…

SOME suspect that the Big Deal will be announced next Tuesday or Wednesday, although I can guarantee it was never going to happen on Saturday Lundy’s Day! However, even Lundy’s Day – named after the man denounced by Protestants as a traitor during the Siege of Derry (unionists are quite insistent upon the ‘Derry’ name when it comes to Apprentice Boys events) – has become an example of progress. The Irish News reports that many stores will be open for the first time during Saturday’s parade, and a PSNI briefing for local resulted in an audience of two (and 15 reporters), as trouble is not expected.Brief aside – A headline on the DUP site’s press archive reads “DUP welcomes Government’s OTMs announcement”.

For a moment, I thought the DUP had done a U-turn on OTRs (an acronym for paramlitary fugitives ‘on the run’), but normality was resumed when I read Jim Allister’s statement on the replacement of the agricultural ‘Over Thirty Months’ scheme.

I should have knkown better – there’s not much of a chance that any OTR will be serving OTM after next week’s Big Deal!