Taxing Time for SF in the ROI

It is reported in today’s Times Newspaper, Criminal business as usual for IRA’s hard men that Enda Kenny, the opposition Fine Gael leader, raised the issue yesterday during questions to Bertine (sic) Ahern, the Taoiseach, requesting that the remit of the international monitoring commission, which monitors terrorist activity in Northern Ireland, could be extended to the Republic.That naughty co-member of SF, election worker for, and personal friend of SF TD Aengus O Snodaigh, Niall Bennett apparently had a list of criminals Chez Binead…
In a raid on Bennett’s house the police also found a list of criminals, believed to have been drawn up so that the IRA could target figures who refused to pay protection money. The IRA is believed to have shot dead at least five Dublin criminals in the past two years.

Sinn Féin have always been very touchy about suggestions that they or the IRA might benefit from “taxing” criminals as that would in effect lower them, albeit by proxy, to the level of the drug-dealing riff-raff in the Loyalist paramilitaries.

“Sackcloth and ashes” time , not only for the IRA but also for Sinn Féin ? It will be interesting to see if those who clamoured for the disciplining of a DUP politician for associating with a terrorist will likewise call for SF HQ to discipline O Snodaigh, who was one of the 4 SF TDs who caused such offence last year by posing with the Killers of Garda McCabe.

TDs pictured with Provos in prison

THE FAMILY of Jerry McCabe has described as “shattering” and “incredibly upsetting” a picture of four Sinn Fein TDs smiling as they pose beside the four IRA men who killed the detective garda as he protected a cash delivery in Limerick in 1996.

The four TDs are pictured standing alongside the four smiling garda killers and four other Provos inside Castlerea Prison on August 16 last. The photograph has been reproduced in the Sinn Fein newspaper, An Phoblacht.

In the picture, Caoimhin O Caolain, Sean Crowe, Aengus O Snodaigh and convicted gun-runner Martin Ferris stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Martin Walsh, the man who actually shot dead Detective Garda McCabe, and notorious IRA gunman Pearse McAuley.

The two others convicted of the manslaughter of Jerry McCabe, Jeremiah Sheehy and Michael O’Neill, are also in the picture along with four other men convicted of IRA offences since the Good Friday Agreement and IRA ceasefire.

Yes, Aengus doesn’t seem averse to the company of terrorists.