Boris sacking good for the Spectator

I wonder what the editor of the Spectator makes of our previous story. Stephen Glover for one is glad that Michael Howard sacked Boris and left him free to write what he damned well likes.”The really good news — for Boris, a free press and, above all, for The Spectator — is that Michael Howard has sacked him. This is by far and away the best thing he has done since becoming Tory leader. Of course, I understand that Boris was about to give up being shadow minister of the arts in any case. He had seen the incompatibility of these particular two jobs. But Mr Howard has hastened the process, and now Boris is able to publish what he wants about the Tory front bench, and not be sent on ridiculous pilgrimages to Liverpool. He has been freed from his chains, and we will not forget Mr Neil’s assurance that he will remain free”.

It’s not quite that simple in Belfast, it would seem.

BTW, Peter Oborne’s worth a read, on the strange optimism of the Tories, despite some evidence to the contrary.