A seasonal diversion

Apropos nothing, but this is going on my christmas list. As reviewed in The GuardianHow to Keep Dinosaurs by Robert Mash.The Guardian review begins – “Who could resist a handbook about potential pets that has a little symbol for ‘likes children’ and a separate one for ‘likes children to eat’. Who could not warm to warnings that private owners of Deinonychus and Velociraptor are legally required to trim their pets’ disembowelling claws?”

One dinosaur’s description reads as “agile, bipedal and good at making toast (‘give it a hug and let it sit with you at the table’)”, while “Tyrannosaurus is ‘the ultimate animal for a zoo with dwindling attendances’. But accidents will happen and ‘unfortunately mean fairly large scale death and destruction’.”

The Amazon synopsis, helpfully, describes the book “as essential to every dinosaur keeper as a stout shovel and a tranquilizer rifle.”

Gimmee! Unless someone has a better suggestion?