Burnside: non-runner plays catch-up and falls down…

ALMOST a year after another South Antrim MLA suggested a voluntary coalition to overcome the political impasse, David Burnside follows the lead – although he seems to favour a kind of glorified regional administrative super council, rather than a proper parliament to run things. No-one, in particular nationalists but including many unionists, would accept a regional government here with most powers still being held by Westminster. The Tele has already written his idea off.Equally, the DUP would be mad to unite with the UUP at a time when they are ripe for self-destruction. Even Burnside’s article is a clear attempt to undermine his own leadership again.

The question is – would Mr Burnside, an experienced master of the policy shift, be so pleased with his ‘new’ idea if any voluntary coalition did not include his own party? I doubt it. His entire article seems to have one aim – to exclude Sinn Fein from office.

Anyway, the Review of the Agreement moved on from this ballpark months ago, although the idea of a voluntary coalition is unlikely to die completely.