‘Water’ lot to pay – money down the drain?

THE publication of the General Consumer Council’s report on Government proposals for reforming the water service here has generated much political response…The DUP wants a Government ‘peace dividend’ to compensate for the years of underinvestment in infrastructure.

So does the SDLP, who are advocating outright opposition to reform, which is seen as the thin end of the privatisation wedge (which it undoubtedly is).

Sinn Fein doesn’t see a need for a separate water charge (as we already pay for water through the regional rate, despite what John Spellar might say).

The UUP seems to have shifted towards metering somewhat, as has Alliance (with safeguards).

Please link to any other groups that have responded, if you wish. Certainly, it is rare to see parties here so united on a single issue. Perhaps it’s all part of the Government’s great plan to get the Assembly restored…