The closer they appear…

The further apart they seem. Liam Clark in the Sunday Times quotes Peter Robinson “the process isn’t blocked or stymied in any way” and “a Sinn Féin source” – “The Brits will not let it fall through this side of May. It is not in Tony Blair’s interests to have it lying in bits during the general election campaign.”.. you know, I think Tony Blair might have something else occupying his thoughts.According to the DUP deputy leader, “While there is still a gap it is now simply a case of working through all of the issues and getting them resolved in a way that everyone is comfortable with. It is better to get it right than get it quickly”

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin’s Mitchel McLaughlin Mitchel has accused the DUP of “moving the goalposts” by asking for “Steven Spielberg-type coverage of IRA initiatives”. He told the BBC: “Those kind of things are designed to be provocative and counter-effective.”

Tie in to those statements the floating of suggestions of details of the carrot that the IRA are alleged to be dangling and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the avoid-the-blame game is still the only game in town.