Pogroms vs ethnic cleansing?

There’s an interesting letter in today’s Irish News which argues that whilst the dramatic movement of mostly Catholic populations in the early (1969-1971) period of the troubles are a matter of historical record, the massive shifts in Protestant populations over the time since have gone largely unnamed and unrecognised:”…what has happened in Torrens, Whitewell, Longlands, Oldpark, Cliftonville, New Lodge, Antrim Road, Cavehill Road, Ardoyne, Ligoniel and parts of Glengormley where Protestants have been ethnically cleansed”.

“I emphasise ‘ethnically cleansed’ because a reader of the Irish News from Dungannon (September 13) said there was no ethnic cleansing against Protestants. I point to Coalisland, Dungannon and Pomeroy and ask: ‘Where have all the Prods gone?'”

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