Slugger beats news sites?

I was flicking through the new data Alexa has made available. It’s comparative scoring between Slugger and NI news sites makes for interesting reading. It should, however, be treated with an extra large dose of salts, being built from data received from those rare souls who still have the Alexa tool bar.Against the Irish News we are roughly pegging on reach, comfortably ahead on rank, and not so far on page views. However, this is not surprising as it might seem. It’s probably entirely a function of the Irish News subscription locking it’s site a few years back.

The Newsletter’s site is free, but has only recently had a re-design and returned to a more memorable URL. Still Slugger is doing well in comparison, especially on Page views and rank but again reach puts us about level.

The only big newspaper site to seriously outgun Slugger is the Belfast Telegraph site on reach and rank. Only on page views do we put up a half decent fight – which possibly emphasises the importance of the archive to a working blog more than anything else.