Glenn Reynolds, a closet liberal?

I’ve long had a suspicion that Neo Con is simply code for Kennedy Democrats frustrated with the slowness of social revolution.

It doesn’t exactly prove the premise, but now Glenn’s gone over to the dark (ie: liberal, Guardian-reading) side, I’m tempted to believe it! There’s a great story buried here, for those with the patience to pursue it!

  • peteb


    Busy Glenn?

    Although it reads more like an infiltration rather than a defection.

    But, as he admits on his own site.. he’s been Fisked!

  • peteb

    OT but relating to the US elections and very very funny – via wonkette

    Ad Nags

  • nuzhound

    I’ve always thought of G. Reynolds as a liberal – at least when it came to the social issues. I can’t think of anything specific, but that’s been my impression.

    Neo-con is code for a Kennedy-Johnson Democrat who is frustrated by the Democrats’ embarce of the peacenik movement.