Feast of Eunan and diocese of Raphoe

The Irish News’ exellent “Faith Matters” today carries the story of Eunan, patron saint of the Diocese whose day it is today, as well as comments by Bishop Robinson , the first openly Gay man ordained as a Bishop, and an abridged version of the homily on the burning of Bombay Street given on the 35th anniversary last month by Father Gerry Reynolds.Saint Eunan was born in 624 in Raphoe and died on Iona September 23 704 AD.

At the Synod of Birr(697 AD) his Lex Innocentium (Law of the Innocents) was passed, providing protection for women, children and other non-combatents in time of War. He further secured a law exempting women from military service.

Euanan also wrote the Vita Sancti Columbae (Life of St Columba) about a century after his predecessor’s death- which showed Columba’s importance in the local politics of Ulster.

“In the Vita, a picture emerges of a powerful figure who had a great influence on the life of the Irish/Scottish kingdom of Dal Riata through his association with its rulers and his own royal status in Irish society – his family belonged to the Ui Neill, a powerful kindred in the north of Ireland at the time.”

And to finish – from the sublime to the ridiculous – Why have Sinn Féin put John Dallat on their latest T-Shirt beside The Leader? (Only Kidding Mr McGuinness- you suit the weight, softens your image 😉 ! )