Optimist – Changing Attitudes More Important Than Political Posturing

A survey reported in today’s Irish Independent suggests that the “vast majority of those under 45 now favour allowing abortion in some circumstances”.In a second article, Eilis O’Regan writes

“The latest report, compiled by researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons for the Crisis Pregnancy Agency, shows that only 8pc believe abortion should not be permitted in any circumstances.
Around 12pc say that a woman should be able to choose abortion if she is not married and 9pc say it is acceptable for a couple who simply cannot afford another child. “

Dana, who reportedly made enemies in the pro-life camp during the last referendum, seems to be swimming against the tide – her candidacy having been opposed by FG whose national leadership issued a directive to their councillors not to support her candidacy.

The continued waning of the power of the Church in the political life of the ROI illustrates that the people of Ireland, North and South , within a European framework, are slowly moving towards each other on social issues. It’s surely a better indicator for our long term future to realise that, even with strongly held religious views, people can separate Church and Politics than to dwell on the difficulties encountered between political parties in a gladiatorial arena at Leeds Castle.