Belfast Telegraph announces that Down cathedral at 5PM will be using the Gaelic translation of the newly issued church of Ireland prayer-book.To quote Alf McCreary-

This will be part of a one-day conference at the Cathedral on Celtic Worship, beginning at 11.15 am.

The new Church of Ireland Book of Common Prayer in English was launched at the General Synod in May, and the Irish translation was published by Cumann Gaelach na hEaglaise – the Irish Guild of the Church, which was formed 90 years ago.

A Church spokesman said that the Guild “aims to promote all that tends to preserve within the Church of Ireland the spirit of the ancient Celtic Church, and to provide a bond of union for all members of the Church of Ireland inspired with Irish ideals and to promote the use of the Irish language in the Church.”

Sadly I cannot attend , but I hope this attracts plenty of people and not just members of the Church of Ireland.