Slugger coming back to health…

Finally we are coming back to something approaching normality. As someone put it just before the London server went down Slugger was as unsettled as Wayne Rooney just before he joined Man U. Well Wayne has made his move and so has Slugger. We are now hosted on a nice new Unix server somewhere in New York.You’ll notice that we are currently without our archives. This was a first casulty in the crash. We do have records of them, but they are not in a form that allows us to reinstate them either quickly or cheaply. We hope to add these as and when we have the opportunity.

There are still some hiccups around the commenting system which are keen to clear up to everyone’s satisfaction. If you come across anything strange or unusual let myself of Abi know about it and we’ll do our best to sort it out asap.

In any case welcome back to the Real Slugger O’Toole. Thanks for bearing with us during the interregnum. As we head (metaphorically) towards the Leeds Castle negotiations, we hope to keep you up to date with the latest developments.