Robinson's plan: future with Sinn Fein

Peter Robinson talks about what he requires from Sinn Fein. Responding to the suggestion from Sinn Fein that the DUP will eventually have to talk to them, he says:

“…they must be looking to a time when they’re going to start behaving themselves, give up violence and stand down the IRA. All of those issues will be coming before any Democratic Unionist would ever engage with anybody from Sinn Féin. Our position is clear and we didn’t set the criteria.”

“It was set by the so-called two governments, namely that the only parties that could be involved in the democratic process were those committed to exclusively peaceful and democratic means. Now, if Sinn Féin is saying they are going to become democrats, are going to take part in politics on that basis, then that’s a new set of circumstances.”

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