Trimble and the south

The negative reaction to David Trimble’s remarks on the Irish Republic continues. Rosie Cowan reports on a broad sweep of nationalist reaction.

In its editorial the Irish News echoed Trimble’s own remarks to his leading dissident Jeffrey Donaldson, when it cautioned Mr Trimble to bridle his tongue. The Examiner today warned in it’s comment:

“His reference to the Union Jack being trampled on the floor reflects the language of backwoods loyalism. It is music to the ears of extreme nationalists who espouse the crude anti-British sentiment he is criticising.”

Mark Durkan, Trimble’s Deputy First Minister in the Executive was particularly sharp in his criticism:

“David Trimble will try to present this as pointed analysis but most people will see these comments as sectarian ramblings. Trying to denigrate political ideals and the religion of others is only demeaning his own prejudice.”