UUP: the Orange link

The Belfast Telegraph has a slew of letters from various Unionists on the vexed subject of the Orange Order’s block vote with the ruling council of David Trimble’s UUP. This discussion has been in play for some time now. Indeed a seminar on the subject is to take place shortly.

Three are pro- breaking the link. Young Unionist, Newry suggests that it harks back to a golden age of Unionism that cannot be part of the future. MJ Wilson points out that the Unionist party has little hope of attracting any of the supposed 20% of ‘pro-union’ Catholic votes whilst the link continues. And Unionist, Drumbo believes that religious discrimination has no place in modern party politics.

Democratic Orangeman, agrees that it can take place, but claims that the Order staked the UUP financially at the outset and that it continues to hold equity in various of party’s assets, for which they might seek compensation.

And Terry Dick offers an alternative; the Tory party.