Hypocrisy charge brewing?

So much of the Letter’s focus has been on either the two sides of the debate, it gets surprising to hear something important coming from the centre.

Two letters in last night’s Belfast Telegraph, highlight a forthcoming trip to South Africa. One from Michael Long, an Alliance Party councillor:

“For the past couple of weeks in particular, we have heard nothing but righteous indignation from the DUP’s Peter Robinson about the need to exclude terrorists from Government and now we learn that he is to travel to the other side of the world for a chat with advisers to the UDA.

And the other is from David Vance

“Paul Berry, a Democratic Unionist Assembly member attending this African jamboree, defended the DUP position on the spectacularly vacuous grounds that ‘the DUP will not be running away.’ South Africa is a long way to go to prove that you are not running away.”