Real IRA: disbanding or a split?

One of the two big Irish stories of the weekend was the proposed disbandment first reported in yesterday’s Sunday Independent. However it is far from clear whether this was a bona fide move or further signs of a split within organisation.

Serious tensions over a possible ceasefire broke media cover a few weeks ago. The split is substantially between prisoners in Port Laoise jail lead by the organisation’s founder and leader Michael McKevitt and the organisation’s Army Council on the outside, who remain in contact with another senior member Liam Campbell.

Rosie Cowan reports:

“…the dissident source claimed McKevitt was finding prison life very difficult and other RIRA members thought he would do anything to get out. He said the ruthless new RIRA commander was totally against disbandment or ceasefire. An itinerant in his mid-50s, he took over last year and is based in McKevitt’s home town of Dundalk, Co Louth, in the Irish Republic.”

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