DUP condemns intimidation of Catholic family

Another incident in a steady campaign of intimidation aimed at uprooting Catholics from Larne has taken place. In that sense this is a tragic, but unremarkable story.

The DUP have been slow to condemn such incidents in the past, prefering to leave it to others in the UUP and the PUP. This time local councilor Jack McKee was unequivocal in his condemnation:

“This woman is petrified. She had to leave her home late in the evening and take refuge with a friend. She is saying she has to pack her bags and go. Far too many good, decent Roman Catholic people have been attacked in the Larne area have been attacked by these thugs in the name of Loyalism. It isn’t in the name of the Loyalism that I have subscribed to for 30 years. These people don’t deserve to be treated in this way and it has to stop.”