Suspension; other reports

ABC News picks it up as Britain to Run Northern Ireland:

“Britain has successfully shut down and revived the Catholic-Protestant administration before. But analysts predict this crisis will be the toughest yet to resolve because of rising Protestant hostility to sharing power with Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army-linked party that has grown increasingly popular among Catholics, thanks to the peace process.”

Alex Fitzpatrick picks up messages from outside the usual sources:

“Having lived through three decades of conflict prior to the 1998 accord with at least 3,600 people killed, Northern Ireland’s people were anxious but stoic. Most seemed resigned to a protracted political impasse but did not fear a return to the dark days of what they call ‘The Troubles’. ‘We’re just getting on with our normal lives,’ said Jane Fitzpatrick, walking a dog in Belfast. ‘The politicians will fight it out, I suppose, but we can’t go backwards’.”

And as if in sympathy the sportsnews was not much better. Northern Ireland were trounced by Spain, the Ulster rugby team followed Munster and London Irish with a defeat in the European Heineken Cup.