Sinn Fein getting too easy a ride; a view from Britain

The blogger at British Spin is in a bit of a spin over the easy treatment he believes the British media has given Sinn Fein.

He starts:

“I’ve always resisted talking about Northern Ireland. It’s too complex, to tough, too mired in historical hatred. It’s also a topic an Englishman ought to avoid if possible. We’re not neutral, and our comments must look like the idiotic commentary of an ill informed landlord. I’ve generally felt that unless you had special insight, or understanding or responsibility, restraint is the best way to approach the North of Ireland.”

He goes on:

“However, I’m suspending my rule for a moment because I feel that the British media and political scene (not government in particular, just the tone of the debate), is giving Sinn Fein an easy ride.”

He takes particular exception to what he interprets as an accusation that Britain is a sectarian state from Danny Morrison article in today’s Guardian:

“How can anyone claim that the UK government is anti-catholic, or trying to repress Catholics? The Secretary of State is a Catholic, The Prime Minister’s wife is a Catholic. The Leader of the opposition is a Catholic. The British political classes are almost embarrassingly disinterested in religion. It’s not so much not wanting a window into men’s souls, as not being sure whether we have souls to examine.”

Other blogs: Shamrockshire Eagle has blogged an article in Saturday’s Guardian, that I had planned to do here. But I’ll let Paul Dunne have the last word on it.