Northern Ireland on the Blogs

The crisis has been covered by a number of other bloggers.

The Shamrockshire Eagle frequently runs a sceptical eye over developments. Hawk Girl is, um, something of an iconoclast on Ulster and many other things besides. Fenian Ramblings is a both and American and Irish Republican, and Badger’s Radio provides a steady stream of interesting material from the fringes of the Republican movement. In addition, Perry de Haviland at Samizdata takes a (largely hostile) English libertarian stance on the role of Tony Blair in Northern Ireland.

In the meantime thanks to Instapundit; Sheila Lennon, Junius and Samizdata for the recent links to the Letter to Slugger O’Toole!

Update: a belated thanks to the Compuserve UK Current Affairs Forum for including us in their listing of NI resources. And thanks to Jason Rubenstein for the welcome.