Loyalist Feud

One of the most remarkable things about the last week is the way in which a series of murders and attempted murders have been totally backgrounded by the political goings on at Stormont. Gemma Murray reports:

“A UDA source predicted the bloodletting could surpass the shooting war between the UDA and the UVF in the summer of 2000 which left seven men dead. ‘‘This is a major upsurge and it could be even worse than what happened on the Shankill Road two years ago,’ he said ‘No one is in the mood for talks or negotiations after this.’ This news comes as the LVF vowed to take out ‘the heads of the snakes in east Belfast UDA’ if the feud continued.”

It remains to be seen whether moves to try and negotiate a stop to the incipient fued that has begun between the LVF and elements with the UDA will be effective.