Stormont crisis; embarassing details

The BBC’s Mark Davenport says Friday’s search of Sinn Fein’s offices at Stormont “appears to represent if not the end of the Agreement then certainly the end of this phase of the peace process.”

Today’s Daily Telegraph editorialises along classic Anti- Belfast Agreement lines:

“It is clear that Gerry Adams and his colleagues have looked Mr Blair and Bertie Ahern, the Taoiseach, in the eye and seen that the maintenance of the process has become for them an end in itself, even if peace is not resulting.”

And as if to emphasis the degree to which the Police Service has been breifing some sections of the press, it goes on to quote directly from private papers seized:

“They have concluded that they can behave almost as they want. Not for nothing do papers seized by police from Sinn Fein’s parliamentary headquarters last Friday refer to the Prime Minister as ‘The Naive Idiot’.”

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