Bizarre headline of the month

Has got to be Tory quits for Paisley’s party in today’s Daily Telegraph (thanks to Newshound). Whatever you make of his political viewpoint, there is no doubt that Mr Hunter has a passion for Northern Ireland politics. It may be this rather than any disquiet with Ian Duncan Smith’s leadership that has prompted this most unusual twist in the convention career path of a Tory politician.

He has been on the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee since 1994, and played a key role in setting the agenda and the tone of Conservative policy under William Hague. Since he has never made any secret of his hostility towards the Belfast Agreement, he may find the DUP stance more comfortable than the largely bi-partisan line of the Conservative Party.
A native of County Derry, Hunter and his wife will return there, and he hopes to contest the Assembly seat of Lagan Valley for the DUP.

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