Other Unionist voices

From Beowulf at Carisenda:

“Keep picking fights you can’t win guys, keep reacting with your heart and not your head, keep up the in-fighting, the splits, the tantrums – I’m sure Gerry and the lads have a nice fat smile on their faces watching you slowly tear yourselves apart.”

It has to be said that this shift to the right within the party has been touted almost since the beginning of the summer. The Letter picked up first indications in an article by Simon Heffer in mid-July.

In Fortnight magazine, one of the Trimblite early retirees, Duncan Shipley Dalton, provides copious statistics to prove that the best way to secure success for the UUP in the next Assembly election is pact between the UUP and the SDLP.

The article was most likely written in advance of the weekend events, and as such may no longer have a wide enough appeal within party or indeed the prospective partner in such a deal. It hard to imagine how it could succeed without Duncan on board to see it through to fruition.