Unionist backroom

Despite Duncan Shipley Dalton’s decision to quit politics, Ronan Fanning notes there are passionate and strident voices within the UUP willing to sell the benefits of the Belfast Agreement but that Trimble may not have the stomach for such strident advocacy. In the short term, Trimble seems confident of getting a positive outcome to next weekend’s meeting of the UUC.

Noel McAdam wonders at the ability of Unionists to undermine themselves at critical moments; “No wonder some pro-Agreement Ulster Unionists scratch their heads in wonder. Sinn Fein under pressure, not least on policing, and suddenly their party turns the spotlight full on itself.” And there’s more on the future from Barry White:

“The choice next Saturday is between backing a sceptical Trimble, as he does battle with Sinn Fein, or shearing away from the Agreement and the Assembly with one of his opponents, into the unknown. There are no guaranteed wins, either way, just hard slogging and compromising.”

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