Unionist backroom

Duncan Shipley Dalton, viewed by many nationalists as one of the more consistently progressive voices within the UUP, may be one of several ‘Doves’ asked to leave their seats in the next election to make room for the new ‘Hawks’ David Burnside and Jeffrey Donaldson.

In a recent interview with Malachi O’Doherty, the newly appointed editor of Fortnight magazine, Mark Durkan ruled out a pro-agreement electoral pact with the UUP:

“Yes, the two parties are the planks which support the agreement. Take one away and it falls, but likewise, use one to prop the other and it falls too. In short, he thinks it would be politically suicidal for the SDLP to specifically call on their voters to give second preferences to Ulster Unionists and not to Sinn Fein, and that it wouldn’t help Trimble either to plead for unionists to give transfers to the SDLP.”

Here’s O’Doherty’ preview of this month’s issue of the magazine.