Unionist backroom

The Irish Times reports (subscription needed) on the talks in Fermanagh conclude, the Ulster Unionists hope they have an agreement for the Unionist Council meeting on the 21st September. Clearly they will be keeping the detail under wraps until the meeting itself:

“‘We are determined as an officer team to make sure that the meeting is constructive, that it is on a positive note, and I feel that we can have a successful meeting and reach a consensus that will be one which the party will approve and which probably will unite the party,’ added Mr Cooper.”

The Guardian says that Donaldson and Burnside will be given permission to run for Assembly seats.

John Coulter wonders if life with the DUP at the top of NI politics will be all that many nationalists fear.

“In terms of strategy, the DUP has one ace card to play if it becomes the number one voice for Unionism. It must re-negotiate the Good Friday Agreement; but then again, has the DUP the bottle to remain solidly in such talks, or will it indulge in more Carson Trails, Third Forces, Ulster Resistances and other media stunts?”