Unionist backroom

Now we know the DUP election campaign’s begun in earnest! Courtesy of a previous article written by Steven King (reported here), Peter Robinson finally breaks cover and reveals some of the internal thinking of the DUP. He finishes by asking:

“The question for others – pro-Agreement unionists and nationalists – is whether they are going to cling to a failed process that offers nothing but continued instability and a bleak future or whether they can respond positively to a new challenge and accept the realities and parameters within which agreement must, and can be, reached.”

We’ll see if he gets any bites.

Update: Robinson says he won’t take the First Minister’s seat until the Agreement has been negotiated to the DUP’s satisfaction. Though it remains unclear what their criteria will be, except that they will not be seeking to railroad a pure DUP package:

“Any proposal delivered unilaterally by any party will be rejected summarily, precisely because it is the property of a particular party,” Mr Robinson said.”