Lighter side..

I don’t normally post on a Saturday, but as the Belfast Telegraph doesn’t generally update it’s Friday stories till late in the day, I thought I’d just have to post Gerry Anderson‘s column to lighten the atmosphere round here.


After the failure of the DUP’s long running campaign to have the appointments of First and Deputy First Ministers rescinded, questions are being asked about how much it has cost the public purse.

With the talk of collapsing institutions, some Nationalists muse speculate on where the game might go post-Agreement is beginning again. Joint authority, though anathema to most Unionists is being floated by Niall O’Dowd. Pat Brosnan accuses Trimble of being Ulster’s Ariel Sharon.

Northern Ireland is coming to the forefront of the Bush administration’s war against terror. Loyalist groups like the UDA and the LVF will now join the A list of active terrorist organisations. Whilst Connor Cruise O’Brien suggests the heat is about to be turned up on the Colombian case.