Headline politics

The funeral of Gerard Lawlor took place yesterday.

Meanwhile the pressure on Trimble is palpably coming from all sides of the UUP, thought it is clear no final action will be taken until the Party meets in September. The Belfast Telegraph tries to add a longer term perspective on the security situation at least:

“Nerves are still on edge, heightened by the weekend’s shooting spree, but the government has provided some much-needed guidelines for the future, which the paramilitaries will ignore at their peril. There are no instant answers to Belfast’s problems, rooted in the past, but if people could have confidence in their politicians, and the government’s response to any ceasefire breaches, the future would be a lot brighter.”

It remains to be seen whether this is merely wishful thinking.

The families of the victims of the Omagh bombing have served writs on two men in Dundalk.