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“in which case, may I be the first to say well done Gerry.”

EU flag

Aided and abetted by the right-wing nationalists of the Independent Greeks, Alexis Tsipras has been returned to power in Greece at the head of a New Syriza “experiment” to implement the EU bail-out, and associated austerity measures, that the Old Syriza experiment was once elected to oppose.  Given the contortions Tsipras has put his party, more…

Cork SF Cllr June Murphy: “I have found my time in the party to be an increasingly negative experience.”

Sinn Féin’s little local difficulty in East Cork continues with the resignation, from the party, of Cork county councillor June Murphy – who represents the Fermoy electoral area.  [Is the constituency organisation still suspended? – Ed]  Good question… Described in a Journal.ie report as “a close [ally] of [Cork East TD Sandra] McLellan’s in the party”, more…

Adams on uncomfortable conversations and Unionism

PLAYING CATCH UP: Gerry Adams delivered an interesting speech in Dublin today under the “Uncomfortable Conversations” topic. He focused on reaching out to Unionists and what he spoke to Prince Charles about when they met a few months ago.

Cartoon – ‘Larv-IRA’


CARTOON: On Bobby Storey’s strange (and self serving) anthropomorphic metaphor describing the transformation of the IRA, from a caterpillar into a butterfly: “They’ve flown away, you know?”

Reeling in the years: Collapse of devolution throughout the years

The collapse of devolution has happened before in Northern Ireland and whilst we await the pending demise of the current Executive I thought it’d be interesting courtesy of AP to take a trip down memory lane to see other collapses in the past. Direct rule introduced in March 1972. Here is the outgoing Prime Minister, more…

Will Sinn Fein emerge as winners once again?

For general stimulation, Kevin Toolis, a noted historian of the IRA, presents the millennarian version of Sinn Fein’s outlook in the Times(£) For the IRA and Sinn Fein, the collapse of Ulster’s power-sharing executive shortly before Irish voters go to the polls is a perfect political storm that could sweep Gerry Adams to power in more…

Con politics… – redux

Or the bunny gets it!

The caption may not be as perfect a fit this time round, but you should get the gist… Just saying, again… [Put… the bunny… back… in the box. – Ed]

A Little Perspective on the Spat at Stormont

On a day when the front page of most of the newspapers on these islands carried a heart-wrenching photograph of a little boy drowned on a Turkish beach, we really need to catch ourselves on and make sure our politicians do likewise. Like Jude Collins, I heard PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton on the news more…

Who is responsible and what’s at stake in the Assembly standoff

David McKittrick emerges from retirement to pass a magisterial verdict on the Assembly in the Newsletter, while the paper has just run a long and fascinating interview with David Trimble by Alex Kane. His view of the history since 1998 is not a million miles from the familiar saying that Sinn Fein were  clever enough more…

“Those who the police believe ordered and implemented the murder of Kevin McGuigan are mainstream not mavericks.”

Via Newshound.  And for the, apparently, hard of understanding.  Suzanne Breen hones in on the important detail at the heart of the current political kerfuffle.  From Suzanne Breen in the Sunday Life The North has plunged into a political crisis, the Stormont institutions are on the brink of collapse, and unionist and nationalist politicians are bickering as though the more…