Ireland sent a turkey once before…

And it didn’t end well…

On the night it became clear that Ireland was like a child, engaging in all sorts of annoying tricks just to get some attention. But the voters, I would guess, could see right through it. Post-Lordi, you have to be a little more subtle if you’re going to go overboard. Ultimately, it was more humiliating than any of the other recent disasters, because in previous years we sank quietly. This one plummeted with a very loud whine, and hit the ground with a noticeable splat.

Will they make the same mistake again

RTÉ have reported [But not confirmed? – Ed] most of the shortlist from which their representative in the Eurovision 2011 Song Contest, to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, will be selected.

From the Eurovision site

The Irish selections for the Eurovision Song Contest will be a show of five participants. The star for Düsseldorf will be picked from the line-up of Jedward, Nikki Kavanagh, The Vard Sisters, Don Mescall and an as of yet unnamed EMI quartet.

Their manager, Louis Walsh, will be pleased.  He’s been campaigning on Jedward’s behalf since June last year at least…

According to the Eurovision news

The talents performing in the The Late Late Eurosong 2011 will be trained by music industry professionals for the big night. The coaches that the artist’s will meet are Ronan Hardiman, David Hayes, Caroline Downey-Desmond, Willie Kavanagh and Liam Lawton.

The winner will be decided from a combination of jury votes and tele voting.

According to the BBC

The Dublin pair, who are managed by Louis Walsh, will perform on Irish chat show The Late Late [Eurosong 2011] on 11 February, where the winner will be decided.

You have been warned…

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  • JAH

    Oh come on! Short of entering My Little Horse how else can RTE ensure it doesn’t win? TBH nobody wants to win this year because of the cost so some unsuspecting Eastern European country like Moldovia will probably field a half decent song and encounter subsequent bankruptcy.

  • Cynic2

    Could they put him up as a compromise candidate to head FF?

  • andnowwhat

    Just imagine what the Greeks must be entering?

  • Mark

    The Eurovision , what a laugh …… the year Celine Dion won it for Switzerland ( 1998 ) , the result was known days before the contest took place . We were doing some work down in the RDS at the time and one of the lads heard a photographer saying his sister worked in RTE and it had been decided that Switzerland were going to win it .

    Celine Dion was 5/4 to win and going into the final round of votes , UK were ahead by 10 points . I cant remember who voted for who but the Swiss / Dion were given 12 points and the English nothing . Needless to say , a few quid was put on Switzerland and that saturday night we were drinking champagne not cider … happy days .

    Speaking of champagne , Bucks Fizz and making your mind up … or that jewish tranny . Jedward have all the hallmarks of Eurovision winners . Their career’s will really take off .. just ask Johnny Logan .