Eurovision 2012: “Good luck on your journey, Azerbaijan!”

Mark Lawson on the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Azerbaijan – “the most politicised contest yet.” [Apart from the one in 1974? – Ed] Indeed. Back to Mark Lawson. Tensions between several of the core participants had been raised by the possible exit of Greece from the stricken eurozone and, increasing the volume of disharmony to Jedward levels, BBC news and current affairs programmes have run several reports questioning the suitability of the host nation because of Azerbaijan’s record of … Read more

“Love Will Set You Free is actually quite a savvy song choice…”

Having decided to to send a relative newcomer to the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku this year – the 75 year old Arnold George Dorsey, better known as Engelbert Humperdinck – the BBC have now unveiled the song he will be singing.  Apparently, Engelbert is “very proud of the song”.  Well, it’s not a turkey…  From the Eurovision channel Okaaay…  I’m not seeing much ‘choreography’.  But as the Guardian’s Stuart Heritage says While Love Will Set You Free might not be a song that imprints … Read more

“Jedward will now represent Ireland…” – Redux

The RTÉ selected panel, and those members of the Irish public who voted, have, once again, decided that Jedward will represent Ireland RTÉ in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – to be held in Baku in May.  And Louis didn’t even need to fix the voting this year.  [Allegedly! – Ed]  Indeed. Whether RTÉ are any more willing to host next year’s final than they were this one is another matter.  [At least it’s not another turkey! – Ed]  You might … Read more

RTÉ on hosting Eurovision 2012: “that’s a bridge we’ll cross on Sunday if we need to.”

Despite the BBC report headline, RTE’s chosen representative, Jedward, are not the “favourites” for Eurovision 2011.  That position still clearly belongs to France.  Although, to be fair, Jedward’s odds have shortened since I bookmarked that earlier today… RTÉ, on the other hand, would probably be quite content with a French result – judging by the comments from Julian Vignoles, head of RTÉ’s Eurovision delegation, in the Irish Times report. Julian Vignoles, head of RTÉ’s Eurovision delegation, enthused that this is “the best chance we’ve had … Read more

Ireland sent a turkey once before…

And it didn’t end well… On the night it became clear that Ireland was like a child, engaging in all sorts of annoying tricks just to get some attention. But the voters, I would guess, could see right through it. Post-Lordi, you have to be a little more subtle if you’re going to go overboard. Ultimately, it was more humiliating than any of the other recent disasters, because in previous years we sank quietly. This one plummeted with a very … Read more