Slugger TV – the devolved nations fightback episode

This month, in episode 38, Slugger O’Toole’s deputy editor David McCann talks to Irish News journalist Allison Morris and Andersontown News columnist Andrée Murphy about the performance of the Northern Ireland Executive, the legacy of different devolved government strategies to ease the COVID-19 lockdown, and the Irish Government’s lack of cross-border consultation about their plans. Edited by Alan Meban and also broadcast (as a slightly shorter 30 minute edit) on Belfast’s community TV channel NvTv tonight at 20:35.

Who’s who around the new NI Executive table?

See who is sitting around the new NI Executive table following this afternoon’s return of the NI Assembly, election of a new Speaker and Deputy Speakers, appointment of First and deputy First Ministers, nomination of Junior Ministers and the Justice Minister, before the departmental picks using the d’Hondt method.

Proposals for reshaping NI Executive departments (12->9), but no word yet of any OFMdFM reform

Northern Ireland Executive logo

The Stormont House Agreement included the commitment: A reduction in the number of departments from twelve to nine should be made in time for the 2016 Assembly election, with the new allocation of departmental functions to be agreed by the parties. The BBC’s Gareth Gordon reports tonight on some early suggestions drawn up by the head of the NI Civil Service Malcolm McKibbin. Mr Robinson revealed to the assembly on Monday that a paper was presented to executive ministers last …

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